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Our core offer, the Jigsaw Essentials Package, provides the fundamental advice services you need to run your own AFSL, with the option to choose add-on services as and when you require them for an additional cost.

The below solutions are created and delivered by a network of advice experts and supported by a dedicated account management team who will work with you to understand your unique requirements.

AFSL solutions

With our AFSL solution, you’ll get Responsible Manager Training and we'll introduce you to the experts who can help you establish and meet your AFSL obligations.*

Additional service add-ons:

+ AFSL Application

+ AFSL Compliance Hub (Holley Nethercote Online Subscription)

+ AFSL Review

For more details on our services and costs, get in touch with one of our experts in the Jigsaw team.

Compliance and governance solutions

Access a range of services that support you in meeting your regulatory obligations, keeping your business and clients safe.


✓ Advice Policy, Standards, Procedures & Guides

✓ Advice Policy and Education Support

✓ Advice Delivery Coaching Team

✓ Regulatory, Advice Process & Policy Updates

✓ Advice Documentation Templates

✓ Financial Services & Credit Guide (FSCG) Template

✓ Tapln - Technical & Professional Information Team

✓ Complains Guide and Supporting Templates

Additional Service add-ons:

+ Quality Advice Reviews (File Audits)

+ Advice Vetting Services

+ Complaints Handling (Internal Dispute Resolution)

+ Individual Client Remediation

+ OnTrack by Kaplan Professional

Business solutions

Be supported by a network of subject matter experts and proven processes and technical solutions to help improve efficiency.



✓ Dedicated Strategic Account Manager

✓ A comprehensive approved Product List & Research Materials

✓ Market and Economic Commentaries

✓ Approved Paraplanning & Administration Support Panel

✓ Advice Technology Support

✓ HR Documentation Library and Psychometric Assessment Services

✓ Marketing Services, including seasonal client newsletters


Additional service add-ons:

+ Business Consulting via Spark Framework

+ Jigsaw/AMP XPLAN Instance

+ Revenue Management

+ Annual Advice Service Agreement and Invoice Generation System

+ Cyber Health Program

+ Professional Year Support

+ Money Management (Frollo)

+ Estate Planning Services

Additional services are available. Contact us for more information

For more details on our services and costs, get in touch with one of our experts in the Jigsaw team.

Supporting your business ambition

We partner with you to help create clarity around your business ambition.​ Whether you want to 'spark' your growth, improve business efficiency or get your practice on track, the Spark practice management framework can help.

Speak to an expert about Spark

Community & connection solutions

Build your community through ours. Access a network of like-minded professionals and an extensive events calendar.


✓ Peer Groups and Collaboration

✓ Quarterly Advice Forum

✓ Topical Deep Dive Workshops

✓ PD Days

✓ Cancer Council Pro Bono program

✓ Business Communications

✓ Industry and Professional Advocacy

✓ Executive Education Study Tours (additional cost applies)

✓ National Conference - Advice LIVE (additional cost applies)

For more details on our services and costs, get in touch with one of our experts in the Jigsaw team.

Be part of a great community program

Being a self-licensed practice doesn’t mean you have to lose a sense
of community. A part of the Jigsaw offer is a great community program so that practices get together to learn and grow from one another.

Licensed lending solutions

Jigsaw Lending provides support to Mortgage Brokers with their Australian Credit Licence (ACL) obligations.

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